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Tax Consultation

We will take care of things.

For comprehensive support with all national or international businesses, Schomburg · Rother · Schumacher offers the entire range of all tax-relevant services.

With us, every mandate is supervised by one responsible partner. Highly-qualified, specialist teams in the fields of tax consultation, accounting and tax relevant legal counsel assist the partner with the support and implementation of the holistic advisory philosophy. Our work is characterised by relations to the financial authorities that span numerous decades and comprehensive cooperations with banks and savings banks.

With in-house jurists, we can provide you with consultancy within the context of the rules governing the profession and assist you with all tax-relevant questions. In addition to this, with regard to legal counselling, we cooperate with renowned lawyers and notaries.

Range of Services

Tax Consultancy

  • national and international tax law (inbound and outbound)
  • participation in audits of the fiscal authorities
  • representation toward the fiscal authorities and courts
  • simulation of audits
  • comparisons of tax burdens across different legal forms
  • furnishing of expert opinions pertaining to tax law
  • start-up consultancy
  • revenue and liquidity plans
  • liquidity and profitability analyses
  • financing and investment decisions
  • industry comparisons
  • cost accounting, analyses and controlling
  • budgeting
  • subsidies and state-funded incentive measures
  • purchase and sale of companies and participations
  • redevelopment concepts
  • participation in bank talks
  • balance sheet presentations
  • Basel II and Basel III


  • organisation of the accounting
  • financial accounting
  • assets accounting
  • continual pre-declarations
  • electronic document processing
  • management analyses and cost accounts
  • secure digital access to analyses via the internet
  • information for timely reporting
  • dunning processes and payment transactions
  • target/actual comparison and comparisons over several years
  • controlling report
  • interfaces to the e-shop systems
  • connection to the enterprise resource planning systems
  • revision-proof archiving
  • GoBD (Fundamental Principles regarding Correct Storage of Documents in Electronic Form and Data Access) secure cash register connection and e-mail archiving
  • provision of legally-conform data for the company audit (GdPdU) (fundamentals for  digital archiving DMS and ECM)
  • active accompaniment during the company audit
  • representation before the fiscal courts

Payroll accounting

  • wages and payroll accounting
  • accounting for the construction industry
  • calculations for social and paid leave fund schemes (ULAK)
  • data transmission to social insurance carriers and financial authorities
  • processing of payment transactions
  • archiving of the wages and salary information
  • active accompaniment during the company audit
  • representation before the fiscal courts
  • reporting for the trade associations
  • claims for reimbursements, e.g. in accordance with the Pay Continuation Law
  • registration and certification statements
  • collaborative application, such as, e.g. internet parked document
  • expertise reports regarding the assessment of the obligation to make social security contributions
  • modern means of transmission and dispatch for evaluations

Legal Counsel

  • labour and social security law – succession consultancy
  • inheritances or donations
  • extra-judicial and judicial redress procedures
  • business acquisition and sale
  • development of tax contracts
  • economic law
  • commercial law
  • corporate law
  • transformation law

Contact persons

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

Company auditing

We think holistically.

At Schomburg · Rother · Schumacher, auditing encompasses a holistic understanding for the businesses and corporate structures of the clients.

Within the context of the auditing activities and the compliance with auditing independence, we provide tips, suggestions and solution proposals for corporate success. Our standards of quality presuppose a maximum degree of security for the clients.

So as to satisfy this aspiration, we regularly and disproportionately invest in training courses, quality controls, innovative technologies and state-of-the-art auditing software, in order to comply with the highest national and international standards. Our service offer begins with the auditing of annual financial statements and consolidated statements and extends to comprehensive business process analyses that include the IT systems.

Service Offer

  • statutory and voluntary closure audits at companies, regardless of their legal form
  • audits in accordance with the code of commercial law and in accordance with international IFRS or US-GAAP standards
  • monitoring of the internal control systems and reporting regarding vulnerabilities
  • appraisal of companies and company shares
  • special audits (such as, e.g. founding and embezzlement audits, as well as audits in connection with conversions)
  • audit review of annual financial statements
  • consultation with international financial reporting
  • evaluations and opinions
  • neutral expert reports
  • audit-accompanying consultancy
  • forecast accounts
  • management consulting
  • due diligence
  • company transactions
  • business consultancy
  • profitability and financial analyses
  • IT audits
  • data consistency checks for non-integrated systems
  • data analyses with special analysis software (IDEA)
  • simulation of audits by the financial administration in accordance with GDPdU (fundamentals for digital archiving DMS and ECM)
  • support with the data selection for GDPdU fundamentals for digital archiving DMS and ECM) requirements

Contact persons

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

Legal Counselling

We pay attention to details.

In order to provide comprehensive tax consultancy, it is of crucial importance to take the myriad of legal requirements into account. Tax-judicially correct framework conditions are an elementary detail for us, which constitute an integral part of our support.

With all relevant questions pertaining to tax-judicial aspects, right up to the active contractual design, our in-house jurists consult and support the clients within the context of the rules governing the profession.

For the further consultancy, we cooperate with renowned lawyers and notaries.

Service Range

  • contract review and design
  • corporate law
  • trade law
  • transformation law
  • labour and social security law
  • law of succession

Contact persons

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant


We offer progress.

The digitization and countless innovations offer potential to optimize processes intelligently and to reduce workflows. The legislator demands technical requirements, a comprehensive digital transmission and documentation of data from companies.

With our EINSNULL GmbH, we offer independent and full integrated consulting for the elaborated, reliable and secure digitization of processes in companies. The competencies of the team are incorporated as needed into the client care and an essential component of our integrated consulting aspirations.

In addition EINSNULL installs, integrates, optimizes and manages networks, interfaces and IT systems directly for customers - especially in the business devisions of inventory management, accounting and document management.

Service Offer

  • optimizing and simplifying processes
  • verifying data security, availability, and integrity
  • analyzing Systems (hardware, software, interfaces)
  • consulting for internal / external networks, business processes, organization, EDP
  • optimizing, planning and implementing IT infrastructures
  • designing and implementing software projects
  • connecting processes and systems
  • connecting merchandise management, accounting, e-shops, payment transactions,
    document management, locations and external systems
  • installing, supervising, maintaining and training for cloud-, software- and hardware-systems
  • ensuring the GoBD
  • implementation and supervision until the point of failure-free operation
  • DATEV cooperation partners

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