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  • Benno Gregarek

    „Zur Wirtschaftsprüfung gehört für uns ein ganzheitliches Verständnis für die Geschäfte und Unternehmensstrukturen der Mandanten.“mehr Informationen

    Benno Gregarek

  • Matthias Härtel

    „DATEV macht die digitale Belegverarbeitung einfach und für alle Beteiligten jederzeit einsehbar.“mehr Informationen

    Matthias Härtel

  • Thomas Schumacher

    „Die Gesamtheit von Unternehmen, Mensch und Familie ist der Leitgedanke unserer Beratung.“ mehr Informationen

    Thomas Schumacher

  • Maximilian Dietrich

    "Die praxisnahe sowie moderne Steuerberatung ist mein Anreiz, Teil des Beraterteams von Schomburg Rother Schumacher zu sein."

    Maximilian Dietrich



    Aktuelle Informationen zur ordnungsgemäßen Kassenführung und zur Einführung der Kassen-Nachschau.Hier gelangen Sie direkt zur Mediathek

  • Vivien Haverkamp

    "Der moderne Arbeitsplatz und die angenehme Lernatmosphäre erleichtern mir den Start in die Ausbildung."

    Vivien Haverkamp


Partnership for Corporate Success.

With an auditing and tax consultancy company, Schomburg · Rother · Schumacher has been established in Bremen for decades. The partnership was founded about 70 years ago, with the focal point on tax consultancy.

With the good alliance of traditional and modern-day principles, every client is personally supported by one partner. The partners are the reliable contact persons for our clients and are the interfaces to the various specialist disciplines.

The holistic support of the mandates is the most important guiding principle for our work. So as to satisfy this aspiration, we commit, qualify and motivate our team or expand the range of services: most recently, by an IT company, which satisfies the technically comprehensive and sophisticated IT requirements.


Consultation, based on the principles of partnership,
within the context of the entirety of company, people and family.

A company is more than turnover, profit and taxes. Behind these efforts are people, ideas, histories, visions, life plans and plenty more.

We would like to be partners and consultants for the people and their families in their endeavours to realise both corporate and private objectives. For us, the support of our clients goes beyond what is required with regard to the corporate aspects.

We think out of the box and consider various angles and, with regard to the decisions and recommendations, we take account of the consequences for the company, the people and families involved therein. Our focus is to attain sustained corporate success that is in harmony with the individual and changing life situations of the people.

Working method

Market place of competences.

The successful economic governance of a company consists of numerous requirements and facets. Legal and calculation security, national and international requirements, or also innovative technical developments, are daily challenges.

Corporate success is a result of optimal teamwork performed by qualified specialist disciplines. Our employees in the different associations mutually support and strengthen one another with their respective competences. Their objective is to realise the best possible and most comprehensive support for our clients with regards to tax consultation, auditing, legal counsel and IT consultation.

The specialist disciplines meet at a market place of competences. In the architectonic heart of our office, this is the intersection and meeting point of the individual disciplines. The workplaces of the different performance areas are interlinked with one another, and within close proximity to one another.


Tax consultation

Comprehensive support with national and international businesses, with the entire range of all tax-relevant services. More information


Auditing of annual financial statements and consolidated statements, right up to comprehensive business process analysis, inclusive of the consideration of the IT systems.More information

IT Solution

Independent, fully-integrated IT consultancy, with the focal point on tax-relevant systems, including consultation, installation and support of clients and direct customers.More information

Legal Counsel

Consultation and support of the clients within the context of the rules governing the profession, provided by in-house jurists.More information

Comprehensive Support